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Lotus Concept Crank Train (LCCT)
A simulation environment for the design and analysis of the crankshaft and associated base engine components; LCCT couples classical analysis techniques with an
Lotus Concept Valve Train (LCVT)
A cam profiling application that comprehensively encompasses all aspects of valve train design; LCVT models all aspects including contact stress, float speed, ra
Lotus Vehicle Simulation (LVS)
This comprehensive package of Performance Prediction software can accurately predict the performance of a modelled vehicle. Lotus vehicle simulation employs a us
Lotus Engine Simulation (LES)
An easy-to-use engine cycle simulation tool, developed for Lotus own engine research and development department. The tool has been developed from our extensive e
On 2014-05-08 Clicks:208
CAD Create Mechanical Drawings Electrical Wiring Diagrams Use the Parts Library Design Your Floorplan Insert Skematic in Report RoutCad 2D V 1.1 Full CAD Release is an easy to use Computer Aided Design software. You can use it to create mec...
On 2014-05-04 Clicks:205
Customer Testimonial For mechanisms and tolerance-in-motion, Enventive cant be beat. - Jeff Gabalski, BAE Industries Because of the innate kinematic modeling capabilities in Enventive software , users can step a mechanism through its comple...
On 2014-04-24 Clicks:101
With ffTOP you design free-form optics for an arbitrary distribution of light on a target. This applies to lighting streets or buildings just as well as to illuminating tiny spaces such as for scanning devices, touch switches or head-up dis...
On 2014-04-22 Clicks:191
PlusOne is an integrated software environment for pipeline design, offering a sophisticated and comprehensive range of engineering modules. The modular design and common data handling ensures that results calculated from one module flow nat...
On 2014-04-01 Clicks:115
Eureka performs a complete 3D-simulation of machine tools through a simple and intuitive graphical interface and starting from the G-code. Eureka helps to avoid risks of damaging expensive work pieces, breaking tools and fixtures or even cr...
On 2014-02-26 Clicks:133
LogiBARRE is a nesting program to optimise linear parts to be cut from any type of bars, profiles, tubes. You enter the name and length of the parts. You can also read in a job of parts from another program using our very flexible EXCEL or...
On 2014-02-26 Clicks:108
LogiTOLE is a nesting program to optimise rectangular parts on any type of sheets. You enter the name and dimensions of the parts and whether the part may be rotated or not to allow for special material surfaces. You can also read in a job...
On 2014-02-26 Clicks:210
PROfirst has specialized in CAD CAM software for sheet metal working companies since 1987. We provide innovative, easy to use software to solve the most common problems involved in programminssg machines in the sheet metal industry. CAM sys...
On 2014-02-10 Clicks:84
The application is designed for calculations of straight, maximum three times static indefinite beams with constant axis-symmetrical profiles. The software solves the following tasks: Simple definition of the type of beam and its loading wi...
On 2014-02-10 Clicks:167
The Standard CalcMaster software calculates for you very fast the: - Moldprices + detailled mouldhours - Injection molding data - Most economical quantity of cavities - Complete costprice of the product - Asking a quotation for a moldprice...
On 2014-01-26 Clicks:206
CAD TRANSLATOR SDK Embedding our API makes all current CAD formats available in your application - cost efficient and within the shortest space of time. Deploying 3D_Kernel_IO software developers benefit from the entire expertise and experi...
On 2014-01-26 Clicks:76
ADVANCED 3D CAD VIEWER The 3D_Analyzer Viewer is the perfect tool to independently review and analyze Models of all major CAD native and standard formats. With unique Features and its brandnew, intuitive Userinterface our Viewer is the best...
On 2014-01-26 Clicks:146
Glovius is an extensible customizable 3D viewer, for consumption of product design data. Glovius for Windows is a free JT Viewer with an add-on architecture, based on the industry standard JT file format. Using Glovius, view and interact wi...
On 2014-01-14 Clicks:99
The Full Design License The Full Design license has all the design functionalities, including the Full 3D view and the 2D exports . It has the two big new functionalities that appeared with Shape3d X: The 3D Layers and the Multi-curves Edit...
On 2014-01-10 Clicks:205
CustomWorks is an extremely easy-to-use custom property and file management tool for every SolidWorks user. It is fast to learn and use, due to the user interface is directly inside SolidWorks Task Pane. CustomWorks removes laborious routin...
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