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NISA/ROTOR-User‘s Manual

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This analysis data block start with the eigenvalue analysis control, (*EIGCNTL). No loading is de...


NISA/ROTOR-Training Manual

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Bearing element is a 2- noded element and is characterized by the presence of both stiffness and ...


NISA Verification Manual

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Solution Procedures: The total Lagrangian formulation with full Newton-Raphson iterative scheme i...


NISA User's Manual

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- Internal forces (FX, FY, FZ), and strain energy - Centroidal strains (EXX, EYY, EZZ, EXY, EYZ, ...


NISA-HEAT User's Manual

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Finite Element Model: The bar is modeled using five equal size 8 node solid elements (Figure A.1....


NISA-HEAT Training Manual

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This section is devoted to explaining the file structure and understanding the significance of di...


NISA-3D FUILD Training Manual

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The fundamental difficulty in solving momentum equations is that from solution of these equations...